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Whether you need diesel or petrol powered, we have a plate compactor, dirt compactor, or tamper rammer to suit your needs. ABLE Sales is one of Australia's leading suppliers of construction equipment; compactors and parts. 

Time-Proven Reliable Compactors

Proven design and performance, our range of plate compactors are suited for compacting crushed rocks, sand, asphalt, pavers, or mixed soils.

Check out our range of plate compactors from 5.5 HP Honda-powered units to 7 HP 20kN 100KG plate compactor units. Our commercial-grade compactors feature quality time-proven engines, low vibration, and smooth operation. Whether you are looking to compact crushed rocks, sand, asphalt, pavers, or mixed soils, these plate compactors can do the job. 

We also stock compactor parts and accessories such as filtration upgrades for diesel engines, air filters, flexible air hoses, inner and outer air elements, belts, and spark plugs.

Buy online or come to our warehouse near you. We have warehouses in Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne. For further assistance, call us now!

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How is compaction quality measured?
Nick Coulson
You can measure the quality of compaction by using a penetrometer. Does the type of soil have an impact on which machine I should use? You'll need to evaluate the moisture content of your soil. You'll also need to take into account the depth of compaction required. Our associates can help guide you in choosing the most appropriate compactor for your needs. Feel free to come and see our huge range of plate compactors and dirt compactors that we have for sale, chat to one of our sales team about our construction compactors We have showrooms in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. Parts Tamper Ramer Reversible Compactor 68KG 100KG Honda 100KG 160kg Plate Compactors Perth  Shop for Gensets Water Cooled Gensets Best Power Options for Successful Off-Grid Living Baldwin Filters for sale Generators Australia for sale Able Sales Perth Gensets oil-fuel or Petrol for sale find your closest generator store Sydney Adelaide
Which compactor for building a new driveway?
Nick Coulson
For a home driveway, you can use an 80-kilogram machine. But for professional applications, the 100-kilogram ABLE C100 is a better choice because it offers greater versatility and depth.
What are the key differences between 68 kilograms and 100-kilogram compactor
Nick Coulson
The most notable differences are in the plate size and compaction depth. With a 68 kilogram compactor, you'll get a compaction depth of about 200 millimetres, as compared to 300 millimetres for the 100-kilogram version. Depending on your required compaction depth, the job can take significantly longer using the 60-kilogram compactor.
Which tamper rammer should I use to compact trenches and drains?
Nick Coulson
When compacting trenches, drains, and cabling, you'll find the tamper rammer RM75GX100 most suitable.
Which compactor is best for foundations?
Nick Coulson
For foundations, you should choose a compactor of at the very least, 160 kilograms. We recommend the ABLE C160DSL dirt compactor for sale with hydraulic reverse. It offers a good compaction depth for this purpose.  Which machine is best suited to do small-scale landscaping projects? For small compacting jobs, the 60-kilogram ABLE C60 compactor is the most appropriate choice.
Which compactor is best for house pads?
Nick Coulson
In this case, your needs will depend on the size of the house pads and the required compaction depth. We recommend choosing either a 160-kilogram compactor or a 450-kilogram reversible compactor.
Which should I use with turf works?
Nick Coulson
For turf works, you'll most likely need to use a 60-kilogram ABLE C60 or 100-kilogram ABLE C100. Both of these compactors have the appropriate compaction depth. They are also easy to carry and lift.  
Can a plate compactor reverse?
Nick Coulson
Reversible compactors can go in both forward and reverse, some can also hover. Reversible compactors are normally high performance/heavy-duty plate compactors like our C160DSL and are often used for deeper depth compaction. Compactors that can reverse has many uses, like compacting soil before paving a plate compactor is perfect for gravel, loose stone and sand during road or driveway paving. The best use of a plate compactor is for small patches of fresh asphalt or to tighten up dirt in a utility trench. A Plate compactor will definitely increase productivity. Without a plate, compactor to compact soil and push out air the risk of future settling is very high.
What is a Plate Compactor?
Nick Coulson
A plate compactor or rammer tamper is an indispensable piece of construction equipment that is used to compress different types of sand, soil, gravel, and bedding in paving and bricks. Although each plate compactor is a story for itself, mainly they all consist of a heavy steel plate which is mounted to the base of the machine and bears resembles push-style mower. Able Sales has a ground compactor and soil compactors for every size job. See what's for sale or call us on 1300 793 001 to discuss your questions on construction equipment.
Which plate compactor is best for paving?
Nick Coulson
The answer to this question depends on how the paving will be used. If vehicles will be driven over or parked on the paving, you'll need a 100 kilogram ABLE C100 or C100CM compactor at the minimum. If the pathway is not set for vehicle use, you can use a 68 kilogram ABLE C60 plate compactor.
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