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Diesel Generator Backup Power for Farms
Australia is a huge country with vast distances between major cities and regional towns. The farther you venture from population centres the more potential there is for an unreliable electricity connection. The problem is exacerbated during major weather events which can leave remote communities and farms isolated for days on end. Modern agricultural and farm systems are energy hungry, and a reliable backup power supply during outages is essential in many situations.
Diesel Generator FAQs
Should I buy an air-cooled or water-cooled diesel generator?
Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Chart in Litres
The table below outlines an approximation of the diesel generator fuel consumption per hour in litres. We’ve shown the usage at various load levels across a range of generators from 10kVA to 500kVA.
Diesel Generators for Home Use
Living in semi-rural, regional and remote areas unfortunately means issues with electricity reliability. Power outages like extended blackouts or brownouts where you are drawing very low levels of electricity from the grid (and potentially damaging your electrical equipment) are commonplace. Extreme weather, fallen trees, and faulty tendencies of the country’s electricity infrastructure make it important for residential customers to backup diesel generator for home use.
Diesel Generators vs Petrol Generators
Should I buy a petrol or a diesel generator? It's a tough question, but to answer it you must analyse exactly what you want to achieve with your genset.
Electrical Energy Efficiency on Australian Farms: Tips on Improving Farm Energy Efficiency to Save Costs
With the continuous rise of electricity and utility bills, now is more important than ever for farmers to take control of their energy use. Australian farms are notorious for using a lot of energy. Essential production combined with the use of machinery tends to tip power bills over the edge. But the rest of the country relies on them to utilise a lot of energy because it’s that energy that’s used to maximise safety, food freshness and efficient water use. Without it, Australia isn’t able to produce enough fresh food to feed itself.
Electrical Supply Issues for Australian Farmers and How Generators Can Help
Electrical reliability for the agricultural industry is paramount to the success of our Australian farms. Whilst it’s something the majority of us have come to rely on every day, electricity is one of the most important elements of energy self-sufficiency; but Australian farmers are still running into big problems.
Generator Buying Guide
Whether you’re living off the grid or after some reliable backup power for everyday needs, generators can be a great convenience or an absolute necessity. At Able Sales, we know that choosing the right generator for your power application is essential. It’s easy too – if you have the right information.
Lighting Towers Combined With Generators

For Safety & Easy Of Use The ABLE LGT8000X Is A Must Have:

With its clear high lux ability the LGT8000X lighting tower is a must have addition for applications like:

Plate Compactor FAQs

Do you carry spare parts for compactors?

Yes, we do. We carry vibrator units, spare engines and a variety of other compactor spare parts.

Testimonials Testimonials