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A Complete Guide to Cheap Generators in Australia

by Nick Coulson

As everyone is getting increasingly price conscious these days, it is tempting to skimp on value when it comes to buying generators. However, cheap is the new expensive when it comes to appliances - especially faulty ones for which you cannot buy new parts. Likewise, is it safe to scrimp on a product that, if flawed, could damage your electrical goods, tools or equipment, or worse still, seriously injure or even kill someone? In this article, we will guide you in making the most cost-effective choice when buying a generator.

Lack of know-how from cheap sellers is a worry

Unfortunately, a common issue with ‘cheap sellers’ is they often have no idea about generator quality or how they work. As a result, you end up with a generator that does not meet your electrical use needs and one for which it is often difficult to find new parts. And that is how they make their profit, you’ll likely end up having to buy a whole new generator to meet your needs once you have gained more insight and know-how through a lesson learned the hard way. On top of that, bad power quality can destroy your equipment over time. It goes without saying this ends up more costly for you.

The safety of ‘Cheap Products’ products is troubling

Unlike dedicated sellers in direct contact with Australian Standards of manufacture and design, ‘cheap product’ salesmen remain unaware or unwilling to abide by these safety requirements. If a product is unsafe, insurance will not cover your business or home burning down. The risks increase if you use your generator for professional purposes in the construction industry or mine sites. With such detrimental impacts on your life and income, the risk of ‘cheap generators’ remains undeniable, especially if someone is seriously injured or even killed as a result of the negligence.

Understand your wattage requirements

What specific items do you care about your generator being used for? A portable generator may be more helpful for home appliances but be aware an isolation switch may have to be installed. Before purchasing a generator, it’s ideal to work out the wattage of everything you want to run on it. Electrical items will have the wattage requirements on their data plate, so be sure to check them before making your purchase.

Buy a generator with guaranteed support for mechanics / electricians

Reputable sellers offer parts for your generator and ability to repair a generator on the spot. Over the phone support should be readily available if you are far away. Be wary of sellers who don’t offer these services and don’t be afraid to ask the company before making the purchase what support there is offered. You’ll want to check the warranty of the product too.

Portable or standby generator?

Portable generators are built for mobility to deliver electricity in remote areas off the electrical grid. Specific uses include camping or farming uses, but they are also helpful in power shortages. Standby generators are a more permanent solution for power shortages in buildings and emergency situations. The electricity is often routed into the building through an automatic transfer switch. It’s important to identify the needs of your generator to understand whether a portable or permanent standby generator will be best suited for you.

Pick the most fuel efficient generator for your needs

Diesel generators are more suited to larger-scale projects involving a larger area or where they will be infrequently used as they have a longer storage life. However, for small uses such as a camping trip where you generator is suited to be portable; a petrol generator is a wiser choice. A reputable seller should inform you of the benefits of multiple generators and guide a choice suited to your needs.

Buying a generator does not have to be a daunting process

Buying a suitable generator for your needs is an opportunity to invest in a product that will provide electricity at a more efficient price with a guarantee of safety. It is simply a matter of being organised, informed and doing your research before you make any purchases.

Australian Standards of manufacture and design are an integral part of quality produced power generators. The best policy is to buy from an organisation guaranteeing such production as well as support products. It is a no-brainer to invest money in a generator that will not only be safe and save from the heartache of injury, fire and lost insurance but will also be fuel efficient for your needs for years to come.

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