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Air Compressor FAQs

by Nick Coulson

What are ABLE compressor pumps made of?

All of the pumps from ABLE SALES are made from cast iron. The compressors use copper connecting pipes with stainless steel reed valves, giving the equipment durability and longevity. To allow for better heat dissipation, our products use raised heads and multiple cooling fins.


Which compressor is best suited to spray painting?

If you only plan on using the compressor for spray painting, just about any compressor will be suitable. However, if you need a compressor that can be used for multiple applications throughout your workshop, our associates can guide you in choosing the most appropriate compressor to meet your needs based on air consumption and pressure requirements.


Do I need a petrol, diesel or electric compressor?

The answer to this question depends on what you plan to use the compressor for. If you'll only be using the compressor solely in your workshop or another stationary location, an electric compressor is your best option. If you'll be working in remote areas, petrol or diesel are more suitable. You can use whichever of the two is more readily available in your area.


Do ABLE air compressors meet mine spec?

Yes, all of our electric and diesel compressors are mine spec and are used in mine sites across Australia. Our products have all been certified as safe for use anywhere in Australia.


Which compressor will fit on my UTE?

This can depend on a variety of factors, so there is no definitive answer. Feel free to call us anytime to discuss your options with one of our associates. We can help you find the most suitable compressor to meet your needs.


What are the safety features on your compressors?

Every compressor we sell incorporates pressure vessels to meet all Australian safety standards. They are also equipped with emergency pressure relief valves for your safety.


What types of compressors do you have on offer?

Our air compression selection includes a variety of styles. For farms and workshops that need a portable air supply, we offer portable piston compressors. For use in factories, mines, and other applications, we carry stationary reciprocating compressors.


Do you have pneumatic tools and accessories as well?

Yes, we sell picket drivers and retractable air hoses. Our team can help guide you in choosing the accessories you need.


Do you offer spare parts for your compressors?

We have all spare parts needed for our entire compressor range. This includes pumps, engines, and a variety of other spare parts. Our associates can guide you in choosing the appropriate parts for your particular compressor.


To keep my electric compressor running, what size generator do I need?

To start up your compressor, you'll need a generator with about four times the running amps of your compressor. If you are using a soft start device, like a variable frequency drive, the power needed is lower.


How much air volume do I need?

Refer to the following chart to find the necessary air consumption.

Average Air Consumption @ 90PSI (620 kPa)


Air Volume CFM

Nail gun


Staple gun




Orbital sander




Angle grinder


Die grinder


Spray gun w/normal nozzle


Spray gun professional


Paint sprayer commercial


Impact wrench 1"


Impact wrench 1/2"


Rivet gun


Picket driver


Air hammer


Disc grinder


Pneumatic drill



How much air pressure do I need?

For most applications, you will not need more than 116 psi. In many cases, air pressure is overstated and other air flow parameters are underestimated.

For my applications, I require continuous air flow. Which type of air compressor should I buy?

If you need a high volume of continuous air output, your best option is a screw compressor. These types of compressors put out a high volume of air and can continue operating all day long.




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