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Best Portable Generators Revealed

Regardless of whether you’re an avid camper looking to power a few home comforts, a home-owner who wants a backup electricity supply for emergencies, or a tradesman looking to power your tools, a portable generator offers flexible, convenient power wherever you take it, just as easily loaded on the back of a truck as it can be stored in a basement.

But with so many small portable generators on the market – and at such a wide range of prices – how can you decide? To help you make your decision we’re going to take a look at a few of the key ways your choice of generator will affect your usage before recommending six fantastic picks that have been great performers for our customers.

How does generator choice affect how you can use it?

Generators, even portable ones, come in all shapes, sizes and costs. The amount of power they produce, the time for which they can run, the ease with which they can be moved and many other features differ from model to model. Let’s take a look at some of the key features:


The wattage of a generator affects how many devices it can run at the same time. The generator needs to produce more than the combined wattage of all the devices you’ll be running from it. If you’re taking your generator camping and want to power a toaster, a kettle and a laptop this might not be much, but if you’re also hoping to use your generator as a backup at home you may be surprised by how much you need to keep everything running at once.

Continuous Use Time

This is the total time you can run the generator for on a full tank. With most generators providing at least 12 hours usage time even on full load this won’t be an issue for occasional usage but may be an important factor for those taking longer camping trips.

Fuel Consumption

The number of litres per hour the generator uses should give you a good idea of your running costs. The lower this number the more efficient your generator is and the lower your fuel costs. A Diesel generator will typically have lower running costs than a petrol generator.

Noise Level

Quieter generators may be a factor if you are camping or using the generator near your house.
The importance of these four features to you, along with your intended budget, should give you a good idea what sort of generator you are looking for. A larger, more expensive generator will, of course, be better in almost every respect than a small, cheap generator, but depending on your usage this may not matter. A bigger generator may also have other (sometimes optional) extra features such as sound deadening, a timer and compatibility with solar systems.

Recommended Portable Petrol and Diesel Generators

The following portable generators come highly recommended and between them offer a range of different features and wattages that should offer something that meets the requirements of anyone looking for a portable genset:

Able 2.8 kW Petrol Generator

Reliable, with a big tank and packing a punch; the Able 2.8kW generator is highly portable and easy to use. Light and small, this generator is easy to store and easy to move making it ideal for anyone who needs a small, tough, generator that can be taken anywhere. This combined with its quietness makes it ideal for camping, the outdoors or for work use in residential areas.

Wattage: 2,800W
Continuous Use Time: 12 Hours (Full Load)
Fuel Consumption: 1.2 Litres/Hour Petrol (Full Load)
Noise Level: 60dBA at 7 metres

Able 6.5kVA Petrol Generator

Highly efficient, highly transportable and with proven reliability: the Able 6.5kVA provides an incredible 16 hours of continuous use at full load. The weatherproof IP66 rated and RCD-protected outlets ensure you can keep working safely whatever the weather.

Wattage: 6,500W
Continuous Use Time: 16 Hours (Full Load)
Fuel Consumption: 1.5 Litres/Hour Petrol (Full Load)
Noise Level: 75dBA at 7 metres

Able 8kVA Petrol Generator

Slightly larger than the 6.5kVA version the 8kVA comes highly recommended for workers who need a bigger punch from their work generator. Equipped with wheels, handles and a compact frame this generator is easy to move around: ideal for anyone whose working day involves moving from site to site.

Wattage: 8,000W
Continuous Use Time: 16 Hours (Full Load)
Fuel Consumption: 1.5 Litres/Hour Petrol (Full Load)
Noise Level: 75dBA at 7 metres

Able 6kVA Diesel Generator with Open Frame

A diesel generator like the Able 6kVA is highly economical, costing almost half that of a similarly-sized petrol generator to run, making it ideal for heavy users who will use it regularly. Compact, easy-to-use and highly transportable: this generator offers superb value for money.

Wattage: 6,000W
Continuous Use Time: 12 Hours (Full Load)
Fuel Consumption: 1.1 Litres/Hour Diesel (Full Load)
Noise Level: 79dBA at 7 metres

Able 6kVA Diesel Generator with Canopy

Just like its open-frame brother, this Able 6kVA is a highly-efficient portable generator offering great value for money. The addition of the sound-deadening, silenced canopy makes it much quieter and weather-proof to boot – an ideal addition if you’ll be using it in residential areas at night or need a powerful generator while out camping.

Wattage: 5,500W
Continuous Use Time: 12 Hours (Full Load)
Fuel Consumption: 1.1 Litres/Hour Diesel (Full Load)
Noise Level: 70dBA at 7 metres

Able 10kVA Petrol Generator

Run your workshop, construction site or home with power to spare with this 10kVA monster. Built to last, this generator should provide years of successful use, and with a 40AMP RCD installed its super safe. The installed handles and wheels make transport easy despite its size.

Wattage: 10,000W
Continuous Use Time: 8 Hours (Full Load)
Fuel Consumption: 2.8 Litres/Hour Petrol (Full Load)
Noise Level: 75dBA at 7 metres


Why Choose Able Sales?

With more than 30 years’ experience, Able Sales is an industry-leader in Australia, providing the best in build-quality, reliability and safety. Able guarantees incredible value for money and with a minimum 1-year warranty on all machines, a full stock of spare parts and a long history of providing excellent customer service you don’t need to worry about future problems - we're committed to helping you for the entire life of your generator.

The Able Sales team prides itself on offering friendly and expert advice, if you have any questions about what you’ve learnt in this article or would like to find out more about one of the portable generators mentioned, please give us a call on 1300 793 001 or email us and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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