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Six Reasons to Buy a Portable Generator

Whether you need to power a campsite, run construction tools on the job or for short-term backup or emergency power during an outage, portable generators are an ideal multipurpose power source.

Portable petrol generators are best used in small bursts, providing electricity when you need it most. If you’re considering the purchase of a portable generator, here are six benefits.



High Mobility

Superior quality portable generators come with wheels and easy to grip handles. They are made to be as lightweight and compact as possible without lowering the safety standards or the operational ability of the generator. This makes them highly mobile and easy to transport, perfect for use at multiple locations. The compact design allows it to be easily stored when not in use, requiring minimal space.


Emergency Power at Home

If you’ve experienced a blackout or power failure in your home, you would understand the inconvenience it can create. This could be even more catastrophic in the event of natural disasters, unable to power essential items such as water pumps to fight a bushfire. Even the shortest of power outages can cause severe problems in your home.

The right sized portable generator can provide you with enough energy to power your essential household appliances and devices. This allows you to preserve food in your fridge, power phones and electrical devices and more, for a few hours following an outage. This is even more important if you work online from home, providing power so you can continue working.

If your household contains children, elderly people or people suffering from medical conditions, power is vital to provide heating and cooling. This will reduce the chances of heatstroke, especially in hotter climates throughout Australia. Access to power may also be necessary to power medical devices.


Powering Coffee and Food Vans

Access to electricity is crucial when running a coffee van or food truck. Portable petrol inverter generators are one of the best generators to provide electricity to your van. The lightweight, compact and fuel-efficient models available at Able Sales will ensure you have a reliable source of power all year round.


Caravanning & Camping

Portable generators should be at the top of your caravanning or camping holiday checklist, especially for off-grid locations. They are highly versatile while compact enough for easy storage while travelling. It can provide all the creature comforts that come with access to power while on holiday.

Having access to electricity means you can power all your electrical devices such as phones, laptops, kitchen appliances, shower pumps, bug zappers and more. Portable generators are also great to provide power to emergency equipment, or even kickstarting your vehicle should your car battery lose power.


Power Your Worksite

If you’re a contractor or require access to electricity at multiple locations daily, portable generators will be your indispensable companion. A generator will be able to provide electricity to your power tools such as nail guns, spray guns, pressure cleaners, drills and more.

The lightweight and highly mobile design will make for easy transport while requiring minimal space. With easy to start operation, simply fill your generator with fuel and you’re ready to go. Don’t get stuck on location without access to crucial electricity.


Hosting Local Social Events

If you occasionally host small social events, such as street parties or kid’s days at your local recreation area or park, portable generators will ensure a hassle-free event. These will enable you to power lighting, electric stoves and operate inflatable equipment.


Generator Choices

Portable petrol generators are great for their versatility and ideal for use in short bursts. If you’re looking to purchase a generator to provide a sustained source of power, such as prolonged power during power outages, you may want to consider a diesel generator.

Not sure about the best generator for your requirements? Talk to the knowledgeable team at Able Sales today.

Posted by: on February 15, 2018, (12:00 AM)


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