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Blog :: What size generator do I need?

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What size generator do I need?

A generator is a useful tool for a variety of projects. When shopping for this important item, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. The most important thing to consider with any generator is determining if the product can handle all of your power needs.

 Each model is different, and one of the inherent dangers to watch out for would be acquiring an example that is too small for your required energy output needs. If this occurs, you run the risk of not only ruining the generator but also ruining the appliances that you are attempting to use it for.

 If you buy a generator that is too big and powerful for your needs, the consequences are not as bad. However, you will pay too much for it and probably overpay on your energy bill as well. Here are some questions you may have about what model is best in a given situation.

What size generator do I need for my caravan?

 If you are using a generator for camping or use in a caravan, then you need to understand just what appliances the generator will service. In a caravan, you will normally have a fridge, lights, or air conditioning unit.

 These items will need to be taken into account when you are selecting your generator. Most of the time, a caravan or camper trailer will require an inverter type of generator that has a wattage output of around 1000-2000 watts. However, if your caravan unit has a highly-advanced air conditioning unit, it would be wise to add about 500 watts to the total and purchase a generator that has a potential for 2000-2800 watts.

 Best choice - 2.8kW Petrol Generator

 What size generator do I need for my fridge?

 You might need a generator in order to run some of your appliances in the event of a power outage. This can be especially useful if you have a refrigerator full of food that will spoil quickly when the electricity is out.

 In these situations, you normally will be able to utilise one of the smaller petrol or diesel generator models of 1500 to 2000 watts. These models can very easily run a fridge, a few small lights, and a cell phone recharging station as well.

Best choice - 6kVA Diesel Generator Open Frame

What size generator do I need for my house?

 If you wish to power your whole entire home during an emergency you might consider a larger generator. First of all, you might consider a three phase generator over a single phase model because they are more economical. Secondly, for a larger area you will need to take into account all of the things that are to be powered.

 Find the volts of each appliance or product and then multiply the volts times 120 to get the wattage. You will need to repeat this process for each item in your home and then add them all together. Generally a generator for home use will need to be a higher-powered version of at least 3,000 watt capability or more. If you home is larger, you probably should be aware that they make generators with even larger watt capabilities as well.

 Best choice - 6kVA Diesel Generator with Canopy

What kind of generator do I need for my welder?

 If you are the type of person that does a lot of shop work, you will need to determine your electrical needs for your tools as well. For example, one question you might have would be in determining the correct generator to run your welding machine.

 In this case, you had better go with a model that can service 3500 watts or higher. Even if your welder has a lower voltage, the change in power from the welder will be hard on the generator. The best thing to do is to calculate the wattage of the welder in order to find the best model and to strongly consider going with a heavy-duty model.

Best choice - 6kVA Silent Diesel Generator

If you’d like more specific advice, please call our friendly team on 1300 793 001 or email us to discuss your generator requirements today.

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