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Concrete Mixer

Our new Concrete Mixer will more than satisfy your expectations. Our cement mixer has been manufactured under stringent quality standards to meet superior performance criteria. You will find our cement mixer easy and safe to operate,and,with proper care,it will give you many years of dependable service.

Power Heli Trowel

A power trowel (also known as a “power float”, “helicopter” or “trowel machine”) is a piece of light construction equipment used by construction companies and contractors, to apply a smooth finish to concrete slabs. Features independent rotating flywheel, allowing operation in tight corners and in confined spaces. Over-built gearbox assures long service life. Height adjustable handle, assures operator comfort & easy control. Screw control ensures precise blade adjustment.
  • Petrol 6.5HP Engine
  • Height Adjustable Handle
  • 920mm (36") Trowel Diameter
  • Precise Blade Adjustment
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Cement Mixer Features
  • Industrial Mixer
  • Rough Terrain Wheels/Tyres
  • Strong Frame
  • Quality Build
  • 110 Litres(4CUFT) Gross
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Stephen Stepanian developed and applied to patent the primary motorized transit blender 

in 1916,

In an endeavor to switch the horse-drawn machine used at the time. wood paddles churned the mixture because the cartwheels turned, however, the look was of restricted use it absolutely was cumbersome and slow. The same, however, may well be aforesaid of the engines and trucks throughout that amount. however by the Nineteen Forties, engines and truck-frame construction held to the requirement for a rugged vehicle capable of truckage thousands of pounds of wet, or unset, concrete. because the building boom following warfare II went into full swing, mixer trucks came into their own.


Some kind of concrete the combination of a binder, mixture, and water -- has existed since the dynasties of the Egyptian pharaohs once water, sand, and lime were mixed to use as mortar in building sections of the pyramids. Romans additionally used a kind of concrete in constructing their aqueducts, the Coliseum, and alternative major constructions. Scientists within the 1800s began experimenting and perfecting Portland cement, that is what the development business still uses these days. The name for cement came from the island of Portland, off the English coast, wherever deposits of the mineral elements utilized in fashionable concrete were 1st found and with chemicals isolated. By 1908, Thomas Edison was experimenting with building pre-cast concrete homes in Union, N.J. Most of these homes square measure still standing and being employed. Then there square measure the known Hoover and Grand Coulee dams, in-built 1936, that stand among the wonders of the globe.

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