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Concrete core drilling

What is a Core Drill?

A core drill is a powerful drill specifically make for cutting large holes in concrete by removing a cylinder of concrete from the rest of the structure with a tubular drill bit.

Can a core drill bit cut through rebar?

Yes, an Able diamond blade can cut rebar embedded in concrete but it will lessen the life faster than normal.

How deep will a concrete core drill bit cut?

Able drill bits are 450mm deep so 400mm deep is possible.

What life can I expect from a core bit for concrete?

Low-quality diamond blades under perfect conditions can last around 12 hours of drilling, but with bad technique or the wrong materials, could be half that. High-quality diamond blades under standard working conditions have been known to last over 120 cutting hours

What is a core drill bit?

Able core drill bits have a diamond cutting edge specifically designed to cut and remove a cylinder of material like concrete to create a circular hole, the use of water is used to cool the drill bit. The material left inside the drill bit is the core.

How much does a concrete core bit cost?

Depending on the size and quality of the concrete core bit they can range from $50 to some rather expensive $800, Able has premium quality concrete core bits from $60 to $240

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