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We have the cheapest generators in NSW!

Sydney is a beautiful city, famous around the world and now with Able Sales, you have a generator for sale Sydney 

We make'um we bake'um we sell'um NO MIDDLEMEN! so you can expect factory direct wholesale prices

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Now parallel or syncronised Diesel generators available 


We have power solutions on sale, home, Industrial, camping, food trucks, caravanning, mining and motor homes, Tradesman and construction sites diesel generators for all solutions.

Generator Sales Sydney NSW 

Able Sales have diesel generators for every solution. Our range for Sydney generators can be delivered to your home or business. We also offer FREE delivery on many of our products. Whether you live in the city or in rural locations the benefits of owning one of our diesel generators is reliability with over 10 years of design improvements. Wanting the cheapest prices on diesel generators in Sydney, Able Sales can’t be beaten with our factory-direct prices.

Diesel Generators Sydney

We have generators for every job. Industrial, camping, food trucks, caravanning, mining, and motor homes, Tradesman and construction sites, welding, factory and even for city emergency power backups, Domestic solar and farming solutions,

We have Able Sales generators all over the world powering villages both large and small.

Diesel Generator Sydney

Able Sales has over 10 years’ experience in the supply and maintenance of Generators, Compressors, and building and construction equipment, providing our customers with expert advice ensuring you get the right solution for you and providing a reliable and professional back up service. Able Sales is Australia’s most trusted supplier with stock always on hand in their Australia wide network of stores

Generators for sale Sydney

Able Sales not only have their own brand of diesel generators that have been constantly improved over 10 years but also stock major brands like Kubota and Cummins that are available in a range of sizes to meet any application. Able Sales range of diesel generators is the epitome of rugged dependability and reliable mechanical and electrical performance that delivers the reliability, efficiency, and versatility that your customers want.

Sydney Generator Sales

Able Sales has fully redesigned its range diesel generators to deliver reliability, fuel efficiency, and versatility. Although Able Sales currently does not have a warehouse in Sydney we can deliver to anywhere in NSW within 3-4 days of ordering. 

Concrete Cutting Sydney

Find concrete cutting drilling equipment from Sydney Region, NSW. Buy almost anything to do with concrete cutting at Able Sales.

Able Sales concrete cutting equipment is known for its heavy-duty performance, reliability and having a full range of high-quality gear for cutting due to our specialised concrete cutting equipment. Sydney tools air compressor sales will not be beaten on price.

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