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Adelaide, we have the cheapest genset prices!

Adelaide is a beautiful city with famous wineries and now with generator for sale Adelaide 

We make'um we bake'um we sell'um NO MIDDLE MEN! so you can expect factory direct wholesale prices

Looking for a diesel generator in SA at an affordable price? Able Sales has the biggest range of diesel generators at Australia's best prices.

Whether you live in Adelaide city or in surrounding rural locations there are many benefits to owning a portable generator. Able Sales have the cheapest prices on generators in Adelaide, you’ve come to the right place to find the best prices on high quality generators Adelaide with immediate delivery to your door.
No matter if you're after a small, portable generator, stationary backup diesel generator SA or even mine spec, we are the first choice for your Diesel generator Adelaide.
We have super fast delivery to Adelaide SA, country South Australia and across Australia. Use our courier or choose your own if you prefer.
Buying a generator in Adelaide has never been easier.

We have warehouses East coast to West coast of Australia.

Generator Sales Adelaide

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 View our best selling selection of generators we can deliver to your door in Adelaide:

Generators for Home, Backup and Adelaide Power Failures

When the storms hit, and you have the unavoidable blackouts that accompany such weather, having a small cheap backup  generator sounds like a great idea to keep your family safe as the storm rages. A power outage can be a pretty scary and very inconvenient time, especially if you have young children or elderly relatives living with you, or if you are someone who depends on appliances or electricity in your home for safety.

Home generators are workable, affordable and practical solutions to unplanned blackouts. At Able Sales, we stock a range of home, farm and industrial generators suited to every need, that can keep your power running no matter what the conditions are in Adelaide. If you need help choosing between the home generators available, or if you’re ready to buy today - we can help. Call us for expert advice on 1300 793 001 or place your generator order online, diesel generators Adelaide.

How dose Adelaide Get In Contact?

ABLE SALES is a national company with both east and west branches. Although we don’t have a office in Adelaide as yet just call us on 1300 793 001. With more than 8 years’ experience of supplying heavily into the eastern seaboard, ABLE SALES is proud to announce a second warehouse has been opened in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane and a 3rd in Melbourne, Adelaide soon i am sure.