ABLE LP160C3ST Power Genset


Our 176kVA diesel generator is top of the industry in every aspect. Water cooling, clean and high-quality power output, a tough, waterproof canopy and a tank capable of 26 hours continuous use at prime load come standard. Best of all at its core lay a Cummins engine. Cummins is one of the best names in the industry for almost a hundred years, therefore, the ABLE 176kVA model is one of the cost-effective and high-performance diesel generators you can buy for your power needs!


Key Features:

  • Reliable Engine: Equipped with the world-renowned Cummins 6 Cylinder Diesel turbocharged engine.
  • Robust Design: Tough-built, silenced, water-resistant canopy designed for outdoor.
  • Watercooled: So it will run and withstands extremely hot conditions while it also extends the life of the engine over time.
  • Stable Operation:  26 Hours continuous stable power at prime load, thanks to its low 1500 RPM engine which generates more stable operation.
  • Mains Type Power: thanks to its 4-Pole, brushless alternator with AVR outputting very clean power
  • Sound Level:  67dbA at 7 metres
  • Fuel-efficiency: Diesel fuelled - 32 litres/hour at prime load
  • Highest Safety Standards: Australian Safety Standards compliant.
  • Easy to Use: The straightforward digital control panel makes the generator easy to use.
  • Easy Transportability: Designed with forklift slots for easy transportation.
  • Easy to Maintain: Oil and filters are all you need.


Prime Power : 128kW / 160kVA 415Volts 222Amps
Standby Power : 141kW / 176kVA
Power Factor : 0.8
Phase Voltage : Three Phase 415 Volt
Frequency : 50 Hertz
Engine : Cummins 6 Cylinder Diesel Turbo Charged  6CTA8.3-G2
RPM : 1500/min
Cooling Method : Water Cooled - Rated For Australia's North
Alternator : Stamford Three Phase 4 Pole Brushless Synchronous -/c AVR 
Starter System : 24-volt Electric - Battery Included
Controller : Comap MRS16 Controller
2 Wire / Remote Start Capable
Over Temperature Protection
Over Current Protection
Low Oil Protection
Safety Systems : Battery Isolator
  Emergency Stop
  Failsafe Shutdown Fuel Solenoid
Noise Level : 67 dBA at 7 metres
Fuel Tank Capacity : 850 Litres (-/c Fuel Gauge)
Running Time : 26 Hours Continuous (prime load)
Fuel Consumption : 32 litres/hour (prime load)
Chassis Enclosure : Lockable
  Sound Deadening Throughout
  Weather-Resistant Powder Coating
  Stainless Steel Fittings
  External Use
Mine Site Ready Bunding : Yes
ATS (Mains Failure) : Easy Connect Plug (ATS Box Optional)
Single Phase Outlets : 1 x 15 Amp IP66
Three Phase Outlets : 1 x 20 Amp IP66
  2 x 32 Amp IP66
Hardwire Terminals : Yes
RCD / RCBO : Australian Standard (IP67 Enclosed)
Options : Automatic Start Systems
Wireless Remote
Solar System Compatible (Majority)
ATS (Mains Failure Detection / Auto Transfer Switch)
  Minespec Padlockable Battery Isolator
Weight : 2420 kg
Dimensions : 305 L x 113 W x 205 H cm