6kVA Generator


The 6kVA Diesel Generator has handles and wheels that make it easy to get it to where you need it and once it's there it is dead easy to use. Powered by a bullet-proof OEM Single Cylinder 11hp 418cc Yanmar Style Diesel engine and an alternator with AVR outputting. You can hit the tools for 10-12 hours depending on the load and it only burns around 1.2L of economical diesel fuel an hour. That's twice the value for money compared to a petrol-fuelled generator. All in all the KP6BR1OPEN is perfect for the tradesmen on the move!


Key Features:

  • Compact: Easy to move and easier to store
  • Economical: Single cylinder diesel engine won't burn through your wallet
  • Highest Safety Standards: RCD installed as standard. Australian Standards compliant.
  • Easy-to-use: Control panel is simple and reliable
  • Easy Transportability: Its handles and wheels make it easy to m


Prime Power : 4.6KW / 5.0KVA 240 Volts 20Amps
Standby Power : 5.5KW / 6.0KVA
Phase Voltage : Single Phase 240 Volt
Frequency : 50 Hertz
Engine : OEM SH186FAE Single Cylinder 11hp 418cc Yanmar Style Diesel
RPM : 3000/min (Clockwise - View From Flywheel)
Cooling Method : Air Cooled
Oil type & Capacity : 15W/40 – 1.6LT
Alternator : Single Phase Brushed With AVR
Starter System :  12-volt Electric - 32A/H Battery Included
 Controller : Individual Items:
Hour-Volt Meter
Low Oil Light
Low Oil Shutdown
Safety Systems : Battery Isolator - No
  Emergency Stop - Yes
  Failsafe Shutdown Fuel Solenoid - Yes
Noise Level : 79 dBA at 7 metres
Fuel Tank Capacity : 15 Litres (-/c Fuel Gauge)
Running Time : 10-12 Hours Depending On Load
Fuel Consumption : 1.1 litres/hour (Average)
Chassis Enclosure : Open Style Frame
  External Use
  Weather Resistant
 Mine Site Ready Bunding : No
ATS (Mains Failure) : No
DC Outlets: No
Single Phase Outlets : 2 x 15 Amp
Three Phase Outlets : No
Hardwire Terminals : No
ELCB : Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Options : Automatic Start Systems (Not Recommended)
GSM - No
Timer - No
Synchronisation - No
Weight : 120 kg
Dimensions : 76 L x 50 W x 72 H cm