GARPEN submersible water pumps are designed to deliver efficiency and reliability. Powered by a high-performance GE6.5P; a 6.5 HP 4-stroke Loncin petrol engine, the GSP2P pump offers high performance while lower fuel consumption. The pump has a 2-inch discharge port with the ability to draw water up to 8 metres in height, a max. lift of up to 28 metres and an impressive 30,000 litres/hour water flow rate.


Discharge port dia.(in)

2 inch OR 3 inch

2 inch Cont.capacity(LITRES/h)

30,000 Lt / hour

3 inch Cont.capacity(LITRES/h)

45,000 Lt / hour

Pump lift (m)

28 mt

Max.Suction head(m)

8 mt

Engine Model