Self Bunded Fuel Tanks


Range of Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks or Self Bunded Fuel Tanks For Sale. Skid Mounted, Mine-Spec-Ready Cube Fuel Tanks from 400L capacity to 50,000L. We can also build to customised according to your requirement. ABLE Cube Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks are mounted on a skid frame for safe and easy handling and transporting.

Bunded to 110% of tank capacity, constructed of mild steel, pressure, and hydrostatically tested, and are baffled for safer transport. ABLE cube bunded fuel tanks' designs are approved under Australian design rules, with ADR and UN certifications.

Able Cube Containerised Self Bunded Fuel Tanks are suitable for diesel, lubricants, petrol, waste oil, and kerosene. These Cube Self Bunded Fuel Tanks are designed with security, ease of use and robust quality finished container. Customisable up to 50,000-litre capacity. 

What is a Bunded Tank?

A Bunded fuel tank is essentially a tank within a tank with the outer tank able to hold 110% of the inner tank storage if it leaks. Our fuel cubes are designed with the highest quality in manufacturing and approved to AS1940 / AS1692 standards.


Self Bunded Cube Tanks and Bunded Skid Mounted Mine Spec fuel Tank, self bunded tank and Pumps. 

What are self Bunded Tanks

Bunding also called known as a bunded fuel tank, self bunded tanks

Both petrol and diesel fuels are used within a wide range of industries, from construction and agriculture to mining and more. Self-bunded tanks, also known as double-walled tanks, are fuel storage tanks that have a retaining wall around the storage area where potentially hazardous substances are held for containing any escaping of polluting fluids from that area. The capacity must be 110% of the inner tank. The space between the inner tank and outer wall catches any leakages, consequently reducing the chances of environmental contamination or loss of product. When you need bunded tanks for storage and transportation purposes, our range of self-bunded fuel and diesel tanks are a perfect solution. Available in a large number of sizes, structures, and department options, you’re sure to find the best fuel tank for your needs all at factory direct pricing.

Able Sales bunded fuel cubes must hold 110% of the inner tank.

Self Bunded Diesel Tank

Call us for a competitive quote on self bunded fuel tanks for sale, Bunded Fuel Tanks, Bunded Tank, Bunded Diesel Tank. Best pricing at Able Sales. Bunded Skid Mounted Mine Spec Petrol Diesel Fuel Tanks, self bunded tanks and Pumps. 

Containerised Self Bunded, Fully Baffled Tanks to enable you to move with the liquid 

Self Bunded Tank Flammable Upgrade Kit

Due to the flammable nature of Petrol/Gasolene fuel tanks have to have an 'upgrade kit' fitted. Bunded kits consist of:

  • Flameproof Overfill Alarm

  • EXE Rated

  • 12V 5 Year Lithium Battery

  • 96dB Audible Signal

  • Flammable Liquids Decal Kit

  • 4m H Air Vent Assembly

  • with Weatherproof Vent Assembly

  • Tank Air Vent

  • Pressure Vacuum Morrison DN50 (2") 4oz/

  • c/w Flame Arrester 748A.

  • Earth Stake and Cable

  • Static Reel

Farm Fuel Tanks. The options?
FUEL storage tanks for farms are as varied as the farms themselves.

Similarly, the type of tank you choose will depend on factors including how much fuel you use, the geographic location of your farm, transport, how expensive it is, how regularly tankers deliver to your area, the size of your property and more, Able Sales has a range of bunded storage tanks to suit all situations at factory direct pricing.

Above Ground Tanks
On-ground tanks aren’t limited by a support structure, so there are no limitations on size or space. Environmental regulations say fuel tanks need to be bunded in case of leakage or rupture. They generally take a cylindrical, rectangular or square form.

Able Sales have offices around Australia with a full range in stock with knowledgable staff for information and service support and sales. For self bunded fuel tank sales options, phone Able Sales head office in Perth or you can call our Australia wide No. 1300 793 001.

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