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Solar Generators


Solar power is a great idea when the sun’s shining. You can use your appliances safe in the knowledge that your solar panels are collecting power from the sun and converting it into electricity.


Here’s how it works:

Solar panels generate power all day, storing it in batteries, and then supply that stored power to your connected home. However when the weather turns and the solar panels are no longer creating energy, your household starts using the power that’s been stored in the battery, and the charge level gets lower and lower.

The two-wire auto start controller is connected from a portable or standby solar generator to the off-grid solar system control panel, external to the generator. This detects when the deep-cycle battery charge is low and turns on the generator to charge up the battery pack. It then automatically stops once the battery charge levels are topped up.

Why choose a 2-wire auto start?

A generator with a two-wire auto start option means you get all the benefits of solar power with the peace of mind that there’s backup generator power on demand. So if you get a prolonged period without decent sunlight to charge your solar set up, you’ll never be without power as the backup generator will have you covered.

Diesel v. Petrol which is the best?

Diesel Generator Pros

Cheaper to run, diesel engines last longer, hold their value for longer, simpler and more reliable engines.

Diesel Generator Cons

Diesel engines emit more noxious gases and more expensive to buy in the first place.

Petrol Generator Pros

Cheaper to buy in the first place.

Petrol Generator Cons

Petrol is way more volatile than diesel, more complicated engines with electrical systems and they don't last as long as diesel engines.

Able Sales has a large range of auto-start generators to provide the backup power you need.

With off-grid generators from trusted brands like Cummins, Kabota and with our time-proven Able generators you’re sure to find the perfect auto-start generator for your home or business.

We offer generators with remote start so your generator can start automatically and recharge your solar batteries when required. Our reliable auto-start generators are designed with tough, sturdy frames or canopies, silencing material, premium engines, long-range fuel tanks and necessary safety features.

Browse our full range of diesel and petrol off-grid generators below to find the right product for your solar system back up needs.
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