Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 PSI

"Very Happy with the Pressure Washer.
I have added a Pressure Gauge, which just happens to locate the handpiece when relocating.
Also, a 16 inch extension to get the high points, and "Gutter" washing fitting.
All GOOD."
"I can’t believe how good this pressure washer is. It starts so easily every time. Super pressure, easy to move, doesn’t leak. I highly recommend this unit I use it all the time. I purchased a concrete cleaning head for decks and driveways too. Wonderful. "
"excellent machine mine is over 3 years old now. I use it once or twice per month, normally for around 3-6 hours each time, starts easy, does what I want it too do. purchased the floor scrubber washer attachment this is a no brainer if cleaning paving or flooring and recently purchased 20m extension hose, leave machine in one position and able to keep working,
pressure valve failed after 2 years but the guys at able sales sorted it for me no issues,
whenever I need a machine for work on check able sales first, purchased bricksaw from them as well,
"AAA+ On all counts.
First contact was with Bryan ( Seth was great to ) who, despite not even being on the sales team, was both friendly and extremely knowledgeable with regard to everything including the attachments; exactly what they would do and how well on each different unit, he was spot on too.
As a result I also ordered the patio washer, 10 meter extension hose, five meter extendable wand, turbo nozzle, which is a real little gem, and sandblasting attachment which is great although I would recommend, as he did, getting the next level up if you going to be using this one on a regular basis.
Purchased the 3000psi pressure washer about four weeks ago so I’ve had ample time to put it through it’s paces.
It was surprisingly well priced and puts the Kartcher K9 it replaces to shame along with similar Petrol powered units in the same class.
Purs like a kitten, quite, starts first time every time & rips through whatever you point it at, a real time saver.
Pressure is fully adjustable, the attachments are equally well made and fit like a dream.
Payment was painless, it was shipped and on my doorstep in two days :-)

I’ve just ordered the Post hole digger with the extension and if it’s half as good as the pressure washer I’ll be as happy as a pig in the proverbial, chuckle.
When i’ve had time to put this one through its paces I’ll do a review for you on this one too.

Simply put they’re a pleasure to do business with selling quality products and I will definitely be buying more from them.

Thanks for making life easy, so few do these days.
Kind regards Sean "
"Absolute Gem..
Using it over 2 years ....happy to recommend"
"I purchased the 3000 PSI pressure washer to test if it would be suitable for our franchise group. I was pleasantly surprised. Simple assembly and started 2 pull. Has worked some long and hard days and hasn't missed a beat. Also purchased the 12" whirl away which has also impressed me greatly. Recommend both products and will be buying more. Sincerely Ted Stewart,"
"I took this home and it sat in the box, because I thought that it would be trouble to unpack it and set it up. How wrong I was! This is a quality piece of gear, much better that I expected and much better that a machine 3 times the price."
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