16 HP Engine Vertical Shaft suit Ride on Mower

"Just before Easter 2012 I purchased a 16 HP vertical shaft Ride-on Mower engine from you guys, just thought you would like to see what became of it.

The original Gokart built 1991 powered by a Victa 160 could be converted to a mower in about 30 seconds flat. It was left under the house for about 15 years to rust, so last year I decided to see if I could do something with it. I soon found that one wheel drive & variable speed pulley was no match for the 16 HP so one year on & a lot of welds later this is the near finished job.

It now drives 2 spinners, a 20 inch underneath & another out the back on a spring loaded arm, which rolls around objects thus saving on weed eating. The frontal appearance is 1925 Buick (I learned to drive in one when I was 14) the Buckboard back keeps the trash from coming up from under the seat & going down through the engine fan.

After a lot of rain in January I cut the whole 1/4 acre yard with only one spinner in just over one hour & only used a little over one litre of petrol.

T Lee"
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