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ABLE SALES History & Achievements

ABLE SALES History & Achievements

Who Are We?

ABLE SALES is an Australian-owned and operated company established in November 2007 to import and distribute construction machinery and equipment. With a widespread distribution across Australia to individuals and companies, our products including diesel generators are sourced direct from factories and sold directly to the end user – you.

At ABLE SALES, we are continuously developing new products as well as refining existing products to bring you strong and reliable machinery. With a high demand for ABLE generators across the country, new lines are constantly being established to reflect this. Our high standard of finish is always present with a bonded canopy becoming a standard feature for mining work or to power a small village.

Our range of Electric, Petrol, and Diesel powered air compressors can deliver from 6 to 400 CFM, and 115 to 145 psi and we have a strong chain supply of compactors, lasers, and brick saws for Australia’s growing building industry. With our range always on the increase, we are positive we can supply machinery for your next contract – be it on the mines, a council project, road construction, cleaning up your acreage, or starting your next vegetable crop or fruit plantation with our chipper and rotary hoe.

ABLE SALES is coupled with Cummins, Yanmar and Volvo-powered generators. We have built a strong relationship with major companies like BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Minerals (FMG), and Argyle Diamonds, to bring you the highest quality products and services.


What Makes Us Different?

With over 31 years of experience in the industry, ABLE SALES offers a friendly service combined with expert product knowledge and sound advice. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best prices Australia-wide, amazing value for money, and high-quality products for peace of mind.

To back this up we offer a minimum one-year warranty on all our machines guaranteed with a full-time mechanic and workshop available for any repairs required. Even after the warranty, a full stock of parts is maintained for all our machines and equipment throughout our branches nationwide.


What Do Our Customers Say?

ABLE SALES has been established for over 15 years nationally with a string of satisfied clients and companies. Farmers with multiple pumps or ventilation for silos are impressed with how dependable our generator units are, and data storage companies and the entertainment industry love the clean consistent power from our generators.


Check out what people say about us, and customer testimonials here.


ABLE SALES has also been awarded the Buyers' Choice Award for 2014, 2015, and 2016 for outstanding customer service. 


How Do We Get In Contact?

ABLE SALES is a national company with both east and west branches. With many years experience of supplying heavily into the eastern seaboard, ABLE SALES is proud to announce a third warehouse has been opened adding Thomastown ; Melbourne VIC to our Park Ridge; Brisbane QLD, and Bentley; Perth WA locations.

Using our convenient 1300 793 001 number, you’ll be automatically diverted to the closest showroom to your area. If the lines are busy, your call will be directed to our head office so you will always talk to an experienced team member.

ABLE team looks forward to continuously improving on our already strong level of service in all the states of Australia. 

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