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Looking for a rotary or industrial compressors?

ABLE Sales offers a diverse selection of screw compressors that could cater to your specific needs. Our range of industrial-type ABLE screw type includes both diesel and electric-powered models, ranging from 39 CFM to 160 CFM capacity and 116 PSI to 145 PSI rating.

ABLE compressors are the robust and reliable consistent supply of clean and dry compressed air. Our range is the perfect solution for small to large industrial applications such as on-farm, mine, and building sites.

Buy screw type industrial compressors from ABLE Sales at warehouse direct prices. For expert advice, call us today!

Rotary Screw Compressors for Sale

Why choose a screw compressor?

  • Screw air compressors are capable of delivering a significant volume of air, eliminating the necessity for a reservoir tank unlike reciprocating (or piston type) compressors of similar size. Furthermore, they can operate at 100% capacity, allowing for continuous operation as required. This is made possible by the fluid cooling system of rotary compressors, which serves four crucial functions.Lubricates the bearings in the pump
  • Removes contaminants from the air
  • Forms a non-wearing seal between rotors and casing
  • Removes the heat generated by compression as part of a thermostatically controlled fluid circuit

A screw compressor offers consistent performance throughout their extended lifespan, making them a wise long-term investment. When a large volume of high-pressure air is required, screw compressors outperform piston air compressors due to their ability to operate at a 100% duty cycle. Explore our extensive range and gain insights from our team of air compressor experts. For tailored advice, contact us today! Our warehouses in Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


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