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The Able PAK005 range is the most powerful, portable and affordable battery power solution.

The 5,000W portable power station is equiped with a large battery capacity, high power output and various outlets to support multiple devices and appliances.

It is a fully intergrated and portable battery energy storage system (BESS) that comes with advanced features such as fast charging, UPS function, and an advanced Battery Management System (BMS).


Latest and safest technology in portable power stations


As a high-performance extra LiFePO4 battery system, the Lithium Iron Phosphate technology provides high durability that is efficient and safe. The Able portable lithium power station also boasts a long lifespan of over 10 years with daily use.

Use any one of many energy sources as inputs to store and generate electricity to power your home, RV, campsite, or work area.  Being portable and modular by design enables fexibility on how you choose to use it.

The powerful, rechargeable lithium battery systems, as either the 5,040Wh portable power station, or combined with the extra battery PAK005-5_BAT for a huge 10,080Wh combined capacity are not only ideal for 4WD camping and caravanning, the system is also suited to off-grid office pods, tiny homes, granny flats and transportable homes.

Realise benefits such as lower costs, better power reliability and increased flexibility whist reducing your carbon footprint for a better, sustainable future.


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