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Kubota Lowboy GL6000 v Yanmar Low Profile Generator

by Nick Coulson

Synchronised Generators?

by Nick Coulson

What is Generator Paralleling?

Posted by Ablesales synchronised generators


HONDA EU70is vs. ABLE IN7500G 7kVA Inverter Generator Comparison

by Karen Destajo
HONDA and ABLE 7kVA Inverter Generator Comparison: Honda EU70is vs. ABLE IN7500G


Honda has been known to cre...

Diesel Generators vs. Petrol Generators

by CS Cart Development
Should you buy a petrol or a diesel generator? It's a tough question, but to answer it, you must analyse exactly what you want to achieve with your genset.
As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the operation the greater the need for a diesel generator. Petrol generators are great for small-scale projects like providing power for a camping trip or even running a small hobby farm, but the e...

Electrical Supply Issues for Australian Farmers and How Generators Can Help

by CS Cart Development

Electrical reliability for the agricultural industry is paramount to the success of our Australian farms. Whilst it’s something the majority of us have come to rely on every day, electricity is one of the most important elements of energy self-sufficiency; but Australian farmers are still running into big problems.

Electricity is an essential component of all production processes for...

A Complete Guide to Cheap Generators in Australia

by CS Cart Development

As everyone is getting increasingly price conscious these days, it is tempting to skimp on value when it comes to buying generators. However, cheap is the new expensive when it comes to appliances - especially faulty ones for which you cannot buy new parts. Likewise...

Air Compressor FAQs

by CS Cart Development

What are ABLE compressor pumps made of?

All of the pumps from ABLE SALES are made from cast iron. The compressors use copper connecting pipes with stainless steel reed valves, giving the equipment durability and longevity. To allow for better heat dissipation, our products use raised heads and multiple cooling fins.


Which compressor is best suited to spray painting?...

Ask the Experts - Beware of Generator Importers Who Overstate kVA Ratings

by CS Cart Development

Stop! Don’t buy that generator just yet… We don’t want you to waste your hard earned money! The importer may have over stated the kVA Rating.

While the generator you are looking at may be cheap, that doesn't mean it is good value. Recently there have been examples of unscrupulous importers saying a generator produces more kVA or kW than it really does. Don't be fooled.


Choosing a Generator for Your Outback Camping Adventure

by CS Cart Development
Taking a trip into the outback can be an exciting experience and this time of year is perfect as the WA Kimberley outback is in the temperate ‘dry season’ while the rest of us are shivering in the city winter!
Getting to the beautiful spots...

Considerations for moving off the grid in Australia

by CS Cart Development

Reasons for moving off-grid can vary widely. Often moving off the grid is a lifestyle choice – switching to a simpler, more relaxed and sustainable lifestyle, or looking to reduce your carbon footprint and live in a healthier, more environmentally friendly way. Or perhaps to escape skyrocketing energy prices. In Australia particularly, where rural electrification is still a little behind, mo...


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