Baldwin Filters

Every time you buy a generator from ABLE SALES we give you a Baldwin filters code for the Baldwin filters on your generator.
Whilst it is not compulsory to use Baldwin oil filters we have found them reliable and easy to obtain throughout Australia, or you can purchase Baldwin filters direct from us.
A common example of service requirements for a generator in our water cooled diesel range could be: 
          - Oil 15W40 & Oil Filter Change Every 250 Hours 
- Fuel & Air Filter Change Every 500 Hours

It is suggested that air filters be changed more regularly if you are in a dusty environment.

Less than a dozen employees to a global business with distribution across six continents, they have grown and prospered since its founding.


J.A. Baldwin was one of the first to recognize the importance of improving mobile filtration. He designed a cartridge lube filter and began production in Wisconsin in 1936.

By 1952, Baldwin needed to expand in order for J.A. Baldwin Manufacturing Company to compete for the big orders but was unable to do so in Wisconsin.

At this time, Kearney, Nebraska, had an idle airfield with hangars that had been used in World War II as a base for the big B-29 planes taking off for Europe.

The big move

The company moved to Kearney in 1953 to take advantage of the central location and the available transportation. Once in Kearney, Baldwin Filters began operation in a 24,000 square foot building with nine employees.

By the end of the year, Baldwin employed 26 people and occupied three buildings.

In 1963, Baldwin purchased 42 acres of the former Kearney Air Base and began construction. Shortly after moving part of the operation into the new building, a fire destroyed the original plant and the company offices.

Also lost in the fire were the blueprints of all the filters and the machines designed to produce them. Within six months, J.A. reconstructed the needed blueprints and returned the company to full production.

Between 1964 and 1981, the Baldwin Filter plant was expanded nine times to accommodate the rapid expansion.

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