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Landscaping machines and gardening tools. Factory Direct Prices on Brick Saws and Tillers. Unbreakable machines at unbeatable prices. 

ABLE Sales carry landscaping machines and gardening tools including brick saws, rotary hoe, or rotary tiller. For your landscaping job, check out our best seller rotary hoe for sale and brick saws. Buy online or call us today!

Garden and Landscaping Machinery

Check out air compressors, compactors, brick saw, portable pressure washers, air-cooled diesel portable generator, 21-55kVA Gensets sales as well as over 55kVA generators. We ship Australia wide including Adelaide, Hobart, Port Hedland, Karratha Gensets, Kalgoorlie, and Melbourne.

ABLE Sales Brick Saws

Able Sales has  a 14" brick saw designed to meet Australian standards and conditions with excellent reliability and features and comes with 12 MONTH WARRANTY. Able Sales brick saw for sale Perth comes in two sizes 14 and 16inch and Able Sales brick saws have been designed to take standard 350mm( 14") and 400mm (16")blades for cutting through hard blocks like butter. The 350mm brick saw is fitted with a 2000 watt industrial-strength electric motor and the 400mm a 2200W commercial electric motor.

400mm Brick Saw Features

This Bricksaw has been designed and built tough to meet the most demanding projects.

This brick cutting saw is designed to take a standard 350mm( 14") or a huge 400mm(16") blade.

The brick saw is fitted with a 2200 watt industrial-strength electric motor.

Foot control operation of the ability to lock the blade cutting height in the one position.

The trolley is constructed with a heavy-duty stand.

Easy lift system that secures the saw onto the trolley just lifts the machine off the trolley when the day's work is done.

Large pneumatic 15" tyres you can wheel where ever you like easily and quickly.

No back-breaking work with this machine.

Able Sales garden tiller

Able Sales 6.5 HP 4 Stroke Rotary hoe or Cultivator Tiller as it is sometimes called is the fastest and easiest way to break up a lawn or prepare a garden patch for sowing, Able Sales has a rotary hoe for sale to suit your gardening needs.

Able Sales rear tine tiller or rotary hoe is designed for use on densely packed earth and lawns. Featuring powered wheels and counter-rotating tines, this garden tiller breaks up soil effectively.

Able's petrol cultivator garden tiller is built medium-sized for easy use, yet the quality isn't compromised. The rotary hoe has a 4 stroke engine, 6.5 HP / 3600 rpm output, this petrol garden tiller will have any backyard or small farm garden tilled in minutes. Designed with power, versatility, and ergonomics, and Able rotary hoe garden tiller makes cultivating lawns or preparing garden beds a breeze!

Get our best selling tiller at a reduced price for fast sale.

Guaranteed Sales Support, Quality You Can Trust, National Branch Locations. Backed up with 30 Years of Industry Experience. Friendly, Expert Product Knowledge & Advice. Buy online or visit one of our 3 stores for the widest range of garden products for sale.

Able Sales Rotary Hoes or Tillers are ideal for all garden, greenhouse, and vegetable growers. These tillers are top quality and the petrol engines are rated for heavy-duty use. Able Sales petrol engines come with low oil engine protection and a heavy-duty gearbox.

It is ever so simple to use, easy to handle, sturdy, safe, and above all, reliable. They are perfect for use in garden beds and areas where you need to till with adjustable tilling depth up to 350mm.

Able Sales powerful machines are designed and developed providing long reliable service.

We think you simply won’t find a top-quality tiller for this super low price and we offer 12 months warranty and full part support.

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