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Fuel tanks for sale - Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tanks

Rust is the major safety problem with steel fuel storage, not so with polyethylene. The lid and the fuel nozzle has lockable hasps supplied as standard. Just put your padlock on to prevent tampering.

ABLE's range of lightweight diesel poly tanks is the solution for simple and safe diesel transfer for all types of diesel trade, industrial or agricultural industries.

These rigid auxiliary Diesel Storage Tanks are constructed of industrial strength polyethylene. The industrial strength ribbing makes our design hard wearing and robust. Anchor strapping is designed into the structure of the poly tank for securing on to your trailer or vehicle. If you need to unload your poly tank, forklift points are also designed to lift your vehicle. The 12-volt pump is fitted and ready for immediate use. The 12-volt cable is fused and have a good length to connect to your vehicle's 12-volt system. If you have 24volt, we have an option for that situation.

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