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The presence of excessive water in compressor air, whether as liquid or vapor, can lead to various operational issues for air compressor users. To mitigate these problems, the use of an air dryer is highly recommended.

Air dryer for air compressor

When you compress air in an air compressor the water vapour in the air turns to water, that water can cause problems, these include corrosion in piping and equipment damage of pneumatic equipment, air motors, valves and air dryers are highly recommended for spray painting as moisture can contaminate the paint. So, to avoid unnecessary maintenance repairs and potential painting failures, it is recommended to purchase a refrigerated air dryer to keep the compressed air dry, clean, and suitable for your jobs.

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What is Dew Point?
Karen Destajo
The measurement for compressed air water content is dew point. Dew point is the temperature where air with water or humidity and moisture begin to condense. It's the point where dew begins to form. Dew point is always stated as a temperature value.
What temperature is needed to extract the water?
Karen Destajo
The humid air with vapour enters the air compressor dryer, where it is cooled down to about 3 degrees Celsius. The water vapour or humidity that was in the air condenses into water. The water is then removed from the compressor by a water trap.
How does air dryer work?
Karen Destajo
A refrigerated air dryer works by cooling down the air like an air conditioner. The warm wet air enters the dryer, where it is cooled down to about 3 degrees Celsius. All water vapour that was in the air condenses into water and the water is then removed from the compressed air by a water-trap.
What does an air compressor dryer do?
Karen Destajo
Compressed air is made of the same air you breathe in and out and it contains humidity or water vapour, as the compressed air cools, water vapour condenses into the tank, pipes, hoses and tools. Water vapour is removed from compressed air to prevent condensation from occurring and to prevent moisture from interfering in sensitive industrial processes and spray painting.
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