ATS - Mains Failure Box

ATS or Automatic Transfer Switch for Generators

An ATS is a device that facilitates safe switching between your mains supply and the standby generator supply. It ensures that both sources cannot be connected simultaneously, thanks to the generator switch mechanism. An ATS, also known as an Automatic Transfer Switch for Generators, is available at warehouse direct prices from Able Sales. Invest in this essential equipment to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your power backup system. 

Generator automatic transfer switch, or ATS for sale

What is a transfer switch, and why should it be automated?

An auto transfer switch, also known as a home generator switch transfer, functions by constantly monitoring the incoming main supply. When a brownout condition arises, caused by voltage failure or a substantial reduction in the mains supply, the system quickly disconnects from the mains supply. Simultaneously, it triggers the generator to initiate power supply.

After successfully initiating the generator and ensuring a steady power supply, the auto transfer switch seamlessly transfers the load to the generator. When the mains supply stabilizes and returns, the ATS reverts the process, transferring the load back to the mains and safely shutting down the generator. Hence, it is aptly named the auto transfer switch an indispensable component in power management.

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