"As an ex-professional engineer I am rarely impressed by the quality of products and the service provided by retailers. However, I have just purchased a large, silenced, diesel generator from Able Sales in Brisbane and was very pleasantly surprised. I paid on Monday, the unit was on the road Tuesday, arrived in Mackay on Thursday and was delivered on Friday.
The design of the enclosure and the quality of the construction and sound proofing is outstanding. The heavy skid mounted unit was well protected during transport and arrived without a mark on the powder coated finish. Full documentation was supplied and, after fueling up and checking the electrical parameters on the digital screen, the diesel instantly fired up to run with a comfortable sound level when standing beside it. I'm more than impressed by the product and the company's level of service."
"Heard about sandblasting using a pressure washer many years ago, having used commercial bast pots I was sceptical that a setup with a pressure washer would be anywhere near as good. I had a quick look online and decided to go with an Able sandblaster nozzle which attaches to a pressure washer lance. OMG it's awesome! I wish I had bought one years ago. What's more the attachment uses a carbide nozzle not ceramic(Made to last). It's very well made and compare it to a traditional sandblasting set up great value for money! Well worth trying out!!"
"I purchased a diesel Genset as backup for our standalone solar array. as with anything purchased, I had a problem with charging.
I rang the supplied 1800 number and was connected to Miles from Perth sales.
Miles was very helpful and asked me to check a few things with the genset. (I'm a painter and not even close to an electrical type person which says a lot for Miles' instructions).
Turns out the rectifier is shot. (Miles explained this item takes 15Vac and converts it to 12Vdc to charge the battery)
This was Friday late afternoon East coast time and Miles sent a con note for a new rectifier. Great was my first though and anticipated a week for shipment from West Coast to Country East Coast.
Monday morning at 7am received a phone call advising me there was a parcel being delivered in 15mins. I had other items being sent from both Brisbane and Sydney and didn't give the rectifier a thought. I was totally gob smacked when the rectifier was delivered at 0715.
I would recommend to anybody to contact both the Brisbane or Perth depots for your ABLE needs as the service received from both was way above the accepted standards we have become used to in the bush. Miles, and I have forgotten the lad I dealt with in Brisbane, take a bow and my thanks.....ABLE is where I will continue to purchase from and yes Miles the rectifier is delivering 14.7Vdc at the battery.
I hope your management gets to read this as GREAT service needs recondition.
Rick Roberts"
"Purchased an 11Kva 3 phase generator from Able, the staff were a pleasure to deal with and the service was great, the generator arrived in Darwin much quicker than i expected and will have no hesitation in recommending Able to anyone looking for a generator, Fantastic service "
"Hi Seth
Would like to thank you for your great service. I spoke to you yesterday Thursday 16/02/2017 at 3:00pm DLS time NSW. From Perth to Cowra I picked the part up at 10:30am this morning it is now in them generator operating at 11:30am less than 24 hour turnaround.
That is excellent service.
Thank you
Kind regards"
"bought a petrol compactor eighteen months or so ago and couldn't be happier the thing starts first go every time and has paid for itself by not having to hire one cheers "
"ordered a plate compactor on Tuesday and it was in Townsville Thursday morning started working it Thursday afternoon excellent service"
"I am really impressed with the 3000 PSI pressure washer. I spent around 5 or 6 hours today removing years old grime from the concrete around the house. Magic! I had a few problems setting it up for its first run but a quick call to Able had me on my way in no time as it was a simple instructional issue. Thank you JOE and ABLE!

"we purchase a 12kva diesel generator from the great team in Perth the delivery was prompt as per the promise on our long conversation's and thousand of questions we immediately took the genie we name it fonzie I will explain we lay a slap frame and build fonzie a house/shed line it with timber added window grids made and fitted an extension to the exhaust pipe to remove exhaust gasses when to started after reading the instruction fonzie don't want to start take 2 no go take 3 fonzie no go after a few more try's and a few fffff later I close my fist and did a fonzie on the top of the outer body and fonzie started running beautifully after a few drinks to celebrate quite a few drinks some one turned fonzie off for the night next night try to start fonzie again fonzie no go I try the fonzie tap bingo all good next nite I looked at fonzie and decided maybe fonzie is sick so I called SETH the man absolute legend I explained my issues with my happy days type starting procedure after pissing himself and getting his composure back he methodically worked thought a series of checks with me and no kidding took about 5 minutes we found the problem probably from transportation 1 relay was sticking so Seth reassured me that a new one would be in the mail this took place around 5-6 pm Melbourne time the very next day the relay was on my door I don't know how he managed it. it seems impossible so again Seth you are the man I don't have to tap the genie anymore witch is kind of sad so that is why our genie is named FONZIE
I totally and completely recommend Able for a great product and amazing service

Juan Gonzalez: Australia's Mobile Assessors "
"Hi Guys,
We purchased a 6KVA Generator in July Last year. We have been really happy with our generator which is being used as back up power to our solar.
We have had a couple of small issues which Joe in the QLD store has been fantastic in giving support and shipping parts to us ASAP.

Great products with great after sales support.

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