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Factory-direct pricing We have showrooms located in Perth Melbourne and Brisbane.

For any questions about any of our electric or recoil start diesel engines for sale, please give our friendly team a call on 1300 793 001 - local call nationwide. 

Able Sales has been designing and producing industrial diesel engines for over 10 years ranging from 6.5 horsepower and upwards. Our diesel engines are based on the famous Yanmar engines and powering lawnmowers to industrial equipment all over the world. Able Sales industrial engines reliability is well known and sought after by other companies trying to copy our success.
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Do small diesel engines last longer?
Nick Coulson
Generally speaking, small diesel engines are designed to be more efficient and durable than petrol engines. They also tend to have longer service lives due to their construction and design. As long as maintenance is given and the environment is not too hostile for its operation, a small diesel engine can go 1500000 to 2500000 kilometres.
Why do diesel engines last longer than petrol?
Nick Coulson
Diesel engines outlast petrol engines due to their stronger components, higher temperature and pressure tolerance, and greater energy density in diesel fuel. With fewer moving parts and tighter tolerances, diesel engines handle stress better, thanks to higher compression ratios and operating temperatures. These design features enhance engine durability and reduce wear over time.
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