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Chemical Pumps for Sale

Chemical transfer pumps are used to move dangerous chemicals and liquids from point A to point B. At ABLE Sales, we offer a range of chemical transfer pumps - diesel and petrol powered chemical dosing pumps. 

There are different types of chemical transfer pumps with different functions according to their intent of use. If you need further assistance, call our friendly and expert team today! 

High-Quality Chemical Transfer Pumps, Assembled in Australia

GARPEN pumps are assembled in Australia and are built with time-proven reliable engines. Each pump is constructed with high-quality components designed to meet its intended application and deliver high performance.

Price Match Guarantee

At ABLE Sales, we offer a huge range of GARPEN pumps at factory-direct pricing. Rest assured you're paying the same prices as directly buying from Garpen.


Chemical pumps for sale.

Diesel and petrol chemical pumps for sale, Perth Brisbane and Melbourne.

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What are chemical pumps
Nick Coulson
Chemical pumps can pump or transfer chemical or corrosive fluids not to be confused with chemical process pumps which are used to mix chemicals and into some of the process.There are many uses for a chemical pump in agricultural, farming, construction and sewage, water technically being a chemical water also be pumped.
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