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See our selection of pressure washers, including electric, diesel, and petrol models. These high-pressure cleaners are your go-to solution for reviving outdoor areas. Blast away grime from cars, decks, pavers, and more with ease. We also offer an array of accessories such as rotary turbo nozzles and sandblasting nozzles to complement your pressure washer. Plus, check out our floor washers for a thorough clean on any type of surface.

Get your tough cleaning done in a snap.

ABLE’s industrial electric pressure cleaners are probably just what you need. Our electric pressure washers offer unique features such as auto shut off the electric motor and start on demand. This specific feature gives a long life for the pump. You may also explore our petrol and diesel pressure washer units. Visit our warehouse or call us now!

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How to use a high pressure cleaner?
Nick Coulson
How to Operate High Pressure Washers Connect your hose to the intake set the pressure to the lowest setting and turn on the tap water Connect any accessories like soap. Pull the wand trigger to run water through the washer for about 1 minute to remove any air. Start the engine.
How much PSI is needed to clean?
Nick Coulson
For cleaning your car or motorbike, timber decking, and the house exterior 1500 psi. To clean your concrete driveway 3000 psi. Make sure to buy an adjustable pressure washer that can produce up to 3000 PSI (pounds per square inch).
Can a pressure washer remove paint?
Nick Coulson
Stronger pressure washers like 2,500 - 3600 psi, work better to take off flaking or peeling paint. To remove completely paint stripper should be applied to soften the remaining paint then use the pressure washer at about 1200 PSI to finish the job.
How do you pressure wash a house?
Nick Coulson
How do you pressure wash a house? Start with a detergent mix on a shaded part of the house and apply the soap from the bottom up and let them sit for 5 – 10 minutes. Change the nozzle to the 25 or 40-degree spray tip start rinsing from about 1 foot away from the top down all the detergent.
Can you use a pressure washer as a sandblaster?
Nick Coulson
Can you use a cleaner as a sandblaster? Yes, with the High-Pressure Sand Blaster Nozzle for pressure washers, the high-pressure water flow sucks and combines the sand at the tip of the wand.
Can you use a high power washer for home use?
Nick Coulson
It's not just commercial high-pressure washers for sale at Able Sales but for home use as well, we have electric pressure washers starting at a few hundred dollars make cleaning gutters and other home chores a breeze with pressure washers.   Commercial or Industrial for Sale   Whether you need a home, commercial or industrial pressure washer, we can help. All ABLE SALES have a large range of cleaners are portable, high quality constructed and backed by a 12-month warranty. Buy a pressure Cleaner online or visit one of our showrooms located in Melbourne Perth or Brisbane today.
Can you replace pressure washer pumps?
Nick Coulson
Yes, Able Sales has factory tested pressure washer replacement pumps up to and including 4000 PSI pumps. Able Sales pride themselves on offering a wide range of durable and robust high-pressure washers pumps. Replacement pumps pressure washers.
Is it safe to use a pressure washer on a car?
Nick Coulson
You, set your pressure washer to 1200 – 1900 PSI or 5-6 litres per min by turning the pressure tap on the pump. There are several different sizes of nozzles that come with the pressure washer that can be used for cleaning your car.
How do pressure washers work?
Nick Coulson
Pressure washers connect to your garden hose and the pump pressurizes the water. A typical pressure washer has a petrol engine or an electric motor that powers the water pump to produce high pressure and uses a high pressure rated hose.
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