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Bunded diesel tanks have a variety of useses such as external fuel supply for generators, pumps, and other diesel-powered equipment. The baffle inside the tank makes it ideal for fuel transport or onsite storage. Able fuel tanks for sale Our storage tanks are not only secure and weathertight, but they also offer a wide range of monitoring options if needed. Additionally, our diesel storage tanks can be equipped with dry break connections and taps for added convenience.


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5060AN / ABHP1320-F
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Range of ABLE Diesel Tanks Up to 30,000 Litres in Stock. Warehouse Direct Portable Poly Tanks and Self Bunded Steel Tanks.

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How long can diesel fuel be stored in a tank?
Nick Coulson
Diesel fuel can be stored between 6 months to 1 year without significant fuel degradation if kept in a clean, cool and dry place. After 12 months, however, diesel fuel needs to be treated with a fuel stabilizer and biocides before using it.
Why choose ABLE poly fuel tanks or diesel tanks?
Nick Coulson
Able Sales range of lightweight diesel poly fuel tanks for sale offer easy-to-use and safe diesel fuel transfer ideal for any types of trades, industrial or agricultural use. Most of our fuel tanks come fitted with a heavy-duty 12-volt diesel pump, lockable filling cap & cover, and auto-shut-off nozzle with a digital flow meter for accurate cost control. ABLE portable fuel transfer tanks are perfect to carry at the back of the ute or truck. Robust yet affordable, ABLE poly diesel fuel tanks are made from industrial-grade polyethylene and prices start from $550.
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