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Looking for a reliable generator in Newcastle at a price you can afford?

Able Sales offers the lowest prices not only in Newcastle but across Australia.

We've been selling petrol, invertor and diesel generators to Newcastle and WA customers for over eight years.
You can even buy our generators online and we'll deliver to your door in Newcastle lightning fast.
Why not give us a call to discuss your Genset requirements today on 1300 793 001.
Do you live in Newcastle? Why not drop into our Welshpool showroom and have a chat with our friendly staff. We'll show you around the warehouse, too! See our generators Newcastle, diesel generators for sale Newcastle showroom and warehouse location on the map below!

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6kVA Generator 240V Save 11%
LG8D1 / FP8D1
LG11D3 / FP11D3
LG22X3 / FP22X3
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