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Explore Australia's widest selection of commercial and industrial generators available for sale. Find the perfect power solution to meet your needs and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Our range of Industrial Generators is carefully engineered using reliable OEM components, guaranteeing exceptional performance and dependability. Featuring renowned Kubota, Yanmar, and Cummins Engines, our generators provide power solutions ranging from 7kVA to 2200kVA.. Single Phase and 3 Phase generators for sale. Synchronized Industrial Generators are Also Available!

Industrial Generators - Crafted and engineered to withstand Australia's unforgiving climate, an ABLE diesel generator offers exceptional reliability, fuel efficiency, and remarkable value for money. Contact us today for expert guidance and competitive pricing on a diesel generator!

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What kVA Size Generator Do I Need?
Karen Destajo
Deciding which generator size is right for you is not as complex as some thought. How you intend to use the generator will determine what generator size you need. Ideally, you should buy a generator that has an output that correctly matches the power of all the appliances, tools, or equipment that you intend to run at the same time. If you buy a generator that has smaller output than the required task, you'll risk damaging your generator as well as your appliances or tools. On the other hand, you wouldn't want to unnecessarily pay for a more expensive generator that has way higher power output than you need. To make your generator buying decision easier, use our Generator Selector Page
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