10kVA Generator 240V 37Amps Single Phase, MineSpec Bunded

"Great quick supply. Unit started up immediately after preliminary checks, runs beautifully. Friendly assistance from Sales team. Using as a stand alone unit until the installation of solar system when generator will become the backup. Only basic, not very clear manual would be my only issue"
"Delivery was prompt and unit construction very sound and sturdy, it only came with very basic manuals however after contacting the sales team a ..pdf manual was emailed through - I’m using this generator for off grid and believe as I’m not yet full in that it should be more than capable of supplying all my needs. Would recommend for quality and price point."
"Jonathan here, just picked up the generator today, looks FANTASTIC!
Please give a gratitude shout out to the boys in Brisbane, they did a great job of ratcheting down the gene to insure no issues
Also like the rear easy access to Radiator. And easy access to behind control panel....
Like new plastic Radiator reservoir.
Love fuel drain....
Like that there is hard wired access. Now when hard wired which/ where are the breakers located? Haven't opened the hard wire panel yet....
Just really stoked, these genes are beautiful and such good value!!!
Happy customer!!!
Thanks again Miles.....
"We looked at the 9 KVA/240 VOLT Generator with Martin going through all the spec;s with us and picked up the unit and then installed it at home and got our electrician to wire up the unit with the auto start/stop system, on the main street supply. This has worked great, when the power go's down, the unit start's and runs, and power's the complete property. So no more food loss and air conditioning loss in 40 deg days or the hoist in the garage half way up. So what can you say, well done to ABLE GENERATOR'S and to Martin with the full backup from them when needed. A great company to deal with. "
"Bought my 9 kVA Diesel Generator 240v GL9D1 almost two years ago now, purrs like a kitten on my rural property powering everything nicely inc 2 A/C units & costs around 30 litres per 24 hours to run. Highly recommend the guys at ABLE Brisbane, nothing's ever an issue with them over the phone."
"Very happy I took some advice from Able and purchased the water cooled model. We use it for the house build as well as a backup for the 8KW solar system we have. makes Off Grid possible.
"With my hobby of breeding marine fish I couldn't afford to have the power go out all the time sometimes up to 3 or 4 days. Very good and with the auto start system I can now just lay in bed count to 30 and the power is on again."
"Excellent generator. I purchased this generator to hardwire to my modern off grid power system for my house. Easy operation and very quiet."
"Hi , I bought this generator from you 30 nov , without it would have lost my house ."
"Very reliable diesel generator. Would recommend the Able guys. Very helpful over the phone."
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