13 kVA Diesel Generator 240V

"I purchased the 12KVA Chinese engine generator to back up my 8 kW off the grid solar system and could not be more happy with it and the back up I received from the Able staff. I had an alarm sound on the generator on a Saturday evening. I sent an email to the company (not expecting a reply until the following Monday or even later), imagine my surprise to get an answer from them on Sunday morning. After a couple of emails back and forward narrowed the problem to a faulty oil sender. Had a replacement one to me by Wednesday at no cost to me at all.
Thanks again Miles for all your assistance.
Highly recommend this generator and this company.

"Well . Where to start.... wat a brilliant machine!! Just a push of a button and a flick of the switch and away she goes. Power in every direction wether it be to the house or in the workshop. Or hey how bout both. Then mum AND dad are happy. Easy to use. Even a mummy can hanfle this one. Looks easy to service. Heaps of balls to keep the lights on and that perfect sunday roast cooking after the perfect power robbing storm! Runns for ages on a tank of juice...able sales...."you little ripper" "
"Hi Miles, yes all good for you to do a little write up. The unit was actually used to power up the incident Command Centre. I will send the only Pics I have of it working, (not real good shot) we are still waiting for our purpose built trailer to arrive where the Geny will be mounted permantly on a little flat top tandem with flood lighting affixed to the trailer.

Wayne English ESM, J.P.
Boddington SES
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